Expenditures of Distinction, July 2009

The check register in the latest City Council agenda packet has inspired nominations for the first Monthly Expenditures of Distinction Award.

Expenditures of Distinction — Disdain Division

  • $48.60 for Yards of Distinction award covers (p. 73)
  • $584.00 for Yards of Distinction signs and frames (p. 79)
  • YoD is a very strong contender. Not only is the expense itself a breathtaking extension of city government’s middle finger to struggling families, it has already cost more than Genoa’s skating rink.

    Expenditures of Distinction — Hall of Shame Division

  • $1754 in gym memberships (pp. 72, 77, 83)
  • $41.79 credit card finance charges (p. 76)
  • $39.00 credit card late fees (p. 77)
  • The Finance Office now omits the names of the employees & legislators who take advantage of the 50/50 wellness program gym benefit, even though I did not name Victor Wogen when I criticized the expenditures for a council member family of four during the budget hearings.

    Expenditures of Distinction — Sacred Cow Division

  • $965.60 for a gong and snare drum (p. 82)
  • $350.00 for sheet music (p. 74)
  • Expenditures of Distinction — Public Safety Siphon Division

  • $22,482.50 General Fund debt service (p. 92)
  • $314,962.50 TIF Fund debt service (p. 93)
  • $4,092.50 for outside legal services (p. 75)
  • The City of Sycamore pays $60,000 per year for all their routine legal services plus, if memory serves, $200 an hour for nonroutine tasks such as annexation agreements. The City of DeKalb budgeted $462,000 for its legal department in FY2009 (p. 55) and still required pricey outside help, in fact to the tune of about $16,000 just for the past six months (not including the usual administrative hearing fees).