Expenditures of Distinction, August 2009

This month’s Expenditures of Distinction are brought to you by the August 24 agenda packet except for one expenditure from July 27.

Expenditures of Distinction — Disdain Division

$353 for Blackberries for I&T (p. 99)
$17,000 to Re:New DeKalb (p. 154) in administrative fees for two Architectural Improvement projects

Expenditures of Distinction — Hall of Shame Division

$45 annual membership to the Kane County Bar Association (p. 120).
$96.33 in finance charges on credit cards (pp. 101, 112)
$270 U.S. Treasury penalty (p. 99)

Expenditures of Distinction — Sacred Cow Division

$10,350 for Van Buer Plaza signs (July p. 155; August p. 115) including $600 for engineering services and $9750 for the signs and installation.

I’m posting this for the mayor, who told me he had no idea how much it cost. Evidently, he can’t recall the vote on these TIF expenditures, either. If anyone does, please give us a ballpark timeframe so one of us can look it up in the minutes.

Expenditures of Distinction — Public Safety Siphon Division

$146.05 for the city manager’s lunches with a lobbyist and a labor attorney (p. 101). We paid Daley Group $6,000 last month, $1782 for outside legal services and $750 for arbitration services. Shouldn’t they be paying for our lunch?

$16,598 for downtown design services (p. 153) including $3100 for help with the Sidewalk to Nowhere.


No snark zone:

After 1-1/2 years of reading these registers I support the idea of centralized purchasing as recommended by the financial consultants. Office supplies, communications services and janitorial supplies are three areas of potentially significant savings.

Note to Fire Department: Please phone the DeKalb County Solid Waste Coordinator about your waste oil pickup. You can probably get a better deal.