Things Could Be WORSE!

OK, we will soon have a Sidewalk from Nowhere to Nowhere, a half-million dollar skating rink that almost no one uses that is closed more than it is open, a Taj Mahal high school built upon overestimated new EAV that may never, ever come into fruition but will eventually kill us all with property taxes, aldermen who are M.I.A. who have yet to be fined properly for their absences (at least they cannot do any voting damage when they are not there!), and one who allegedly does not live in the ward anymore. But, hey, things could be worse!!

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger’s approval rating hovers just above a single digit: In case anyone could not guess, I really do not like this guy. People who hire unqualified family and friends, and unqualified friends of family really bother me. How is that not stealing from taxpayers? One would think he would eventually run out of family and friends to put on the payroll.

Next, there is the ‘Rog Mahal,’ Bolingbrook’s $36 million dollar golf palace. I am too afraid to ask if they used TIF money! Hey, what can one expect from a city that hired Drew Peterson and kept him on the payroll? God bless the judge who set his bail high enough that he could not get out and yap his mouth any more! I finally had to use the mute button on the TV any time that guy opened his mouth. He is innocent until proven guilty of two murders but he is guilty of being the MOST IRRITATING PERSON in Illinois.

For the second most irritating person in Illinois, Former Governor Blago’s book came out this week. I will not pay for it but I am a professional book reviewer so if someone sends me a free copy, I will be happy to read it objectively, despite having to plead the 5th for adding “Rat Boy” and “Lincoln Rolling in His Grave” to Amazon’s descriptor words. Click here and scroll down for the dozens of very creative tags by Amazon customers. I hope the photographer won a prize for that picture.

Then, a California lawmaker [sic] just this week got exposed taking on a microphone that he must have thought was not live. Put the kiddies to bed; this one is not appropriate for all ages. CBS took the illegally copied videos off YouTube, but some kind folks already worked on partial transcripts. Of course, he is another lawmaker who claimed to be all about family values. A politician who “knew” lobbyists in the Biblical sense does not count for family values.