Changing Our Look

Though the site is mainly about the content, every once in awhile there’s a temptation to try on a new outfit. It’s not just about looks, either, but about updating so’s maybe we can test a couple different widgets and add pages.

Over time I’ve loaded up on themes I like. This week I’ll activate a few, so the site will look different every day or two. Some of them might look a little busy after 4-1/2 years of the relatively uncluttered Binary Bonsai. (OK, maybe a lot busy.) My main requirement is that it looks OK in a variety of browsers. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with a two-column format. Outside of those things I haven’t made any decisions yet, so if you care feel free to give me your two cents in the comments.

This first candidate is fairly tame (as in: not much different) and called RCG Forest. I really like the overall readability of it, and given enough time I might figure out how to exchange the forest view with a barbed wire graphic.

Update 5/4: Today’s theme is called Seasons. It changes automatically four times per year. I like the archiving and will try to add it no matter what we end up with.

Update 5/6: Now here’s something different. Thursday’s theme is Morning Coffee.