Stroger Aide Arrested in Probe of Cook County No-Bid Contracts

In the Sun-Times this a.m.:

A top aide to Cook County Board President Todd Stroger was arrested Monday and charged in a criminal probe of county no-bid contracts, including one allegedly steered to the staffer’s privately owned public relations firm, authorities said.

“It’s in connection with the ongoing financial crimes investigation conducted by the state’s attorney’s office into the awarding of so-called 24-9 contracts,” [Cook County State’s Attorney spokesperson Sally Daly] said.

The “24-9” reference is to contracts that fall below the $25,000 mark, the threshold requiring approval by the Cook County Board.

You know, kind of like DeKalb’s “19-5s,” which refer to contracts that fall beneath the city manager’s $20,000 threshold at which he must seek approval from the city council. But in DeKalb, it doesn’t matter who gets the business, not even if it’s an alderman. At least Cook County sees justice every once in awhile.

[H/T J.D.]