Roundup & Open Thread

  • The DeKalb Area Women’s Center will be hosting a DeKalb County-Wide Election debate beginning 6:30 p.m. Monday, October 18.
  • The Stephenson Blumdoggle blog is reporting that it cannot verify a recent front-page story by Freeport’s The Journal Standard that the Pretzel City “came up just short” of landing 100 manufacturing jobs.

    The company, Norway’s Dokka Fasteners, is real but the rest of the story, including an assertion that Dokka ultimately was lured to Ann Arbor, cannot be confirmed.

    The question is whether The Journal Standard grossly exaggerated Mayor George Gaulrapp’s role in Freeport’s job creation efforts. Gaulrapp is currently running a Congressional campaign against Rep. Phil Manzullo in IL-16 on a platform of job creation. He also serves on the board of the Northwest Illinois Development Alliance (NIDA), a regional non-profit corporation that seeks public-private partnerships in economic development.

  • An alert reader shared this link to an story about 20 of the highest paid folks in government. Enjoy! *wink*

  • I see in Jason Schaumburg’s blog at the Daily Chronicle website that the editor has decided to wait until Saturday — after Mac makes a decision whether or not to seek judicial review of allegations that the DeKalb Public Library has repeatedly ignored the Open Meetings Act — to voice his opinion on the settlement between DKPL and the state’s attorney on the May 12 violation.

    One thing I hope Mr. Schaumburg will shed some light on is why, up until litigation became a possibility, the Chronicle has chosen to focus solely on the events of May 12 instead of digging into a troubling pattern of behavior that began a couple years ago.

    At any rate, hats off to my friend Mac McIntyre, who is blessed with an abundance of courage, tenacity and a clear vision of the way things should be.