I have been reading the official Confederate States of America government website. From the FAQs:

President Davis and Secretary of State Benjamin both refused to surrender the Government of the C.S.A. and thus no surrender ever occurred and no Peace Treaty was ever signed. Thus a state of war, declared upon the South by Abraham Lincoln, still persists resulting in continued occupation and reconstruction by the military, civil, economic and judicial powers of the Federal Union.

The solution is pretty straightforward: a) get yourselves recognized as a sovereign nation, then b) get your treaty.

And guess who is choosing not to break U.S. federal law?

8. Confederate States registered citizenship shall be granted without regard to race. There shall be no special status, classification, privilege or grouping of any individual based upon race, nor shall hyphenated names be used as a descriptive substitute for proper names of racial groups.

Yeah, especially when the “substitute” is descriptive of a unique and thriving culture that has outlived CSA by 145 years and counting.