Look What They Did with an Old KFC Building (with Bonus TIF Fun Fact & Gratuitous, Silly Poll)

Abandoned about nine years, an old KFC restaurant in Loves Park reopened this month as “Coco Joe’s.”

Before that, the owner converted an old DQ building into the first Joe’s.

Perhaps we could entice these folks into taking a peek at our own abandoned KFC on South Fourth. The Loves Park location includes a fenced outdoor eating area, which they appear to have managed with nary a Tax Increment Financing Fund handout. South Fourth has not yet been sucked into the TIF vortex.

Bonus TIF Fun Fact: The assessed value of taxable properties in TIF districts ($64,111,083) made up 10.5% of the value of City of DeKalb properties ($608,332,947) in tax year 2010.

Is this healthy? I don’t know, but am trying to find out and in so doing, have already stumbled upon an informative Indiana University study of TIF prepared for the National Association of Realtors.

I’ll let you know if I discover the answer.

Anyway, I’m thinking about instituting an abbreviation for “City of DeKalb” in posts at City Barbs. (Also I am auditioning a new poll plugin.) Please tell me what to do:

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