Makers Vs. Takers


The Monkey Cage is a political science blog. One of the topics this week is “makers vs. takers” in the USA.

Creating a working definition of takers is tricky. A core conceptual problem is that making versus taking is a matter of degree…nearly all of us are takers to some extent. And nearly everyone contributes to government through taxes of some sort at the national, state, or local level.

I’m quite interested in this subject because some days I feel surrounded by folks who feel that half the country are deadbeats.

It used to be that I was surrounded by people with disabilities, who received government benefits like SSDI but who would have given a whole lot to be “normal,” the definition of which was a couple more residential options, a family and a job.

If I knew of someone who was a “welfare cheat” I would turn him/her in immediately, because allowing fraud to go on adds to the “deadbeat” stories and in the end would hurt some of the best people I know.