City Barbs Turns 11 Today


The other day, an acquaintance asked if calling City Barbs a “blog” is an insult.

Yeah, I get it. I’ve seen the curl of the lip when some speak of blogs and bloggers. But look who’s doing it. I’m proud of the crowd of lip-curlers we’ve got. They indicate we’re on the right track.

And while blogging often constitutes an act of self-indulgence (as it obviously does today, on this here anniversary) it can also be an act of achievement. I’ve built a significant body of work that has generally served the public interest despite an abundance of vanity. Not bad, I say. 🙂

So, no, calling City Barbs a blog, or me a blogger, is never taken as an insult.

Let’s talk more about the “we” of City Barbs, which is a group achievement. Over the years, I’ve received tons of support behind the scenes: readership, advice, articles, education, documents, pep talks, and donations. I am tremendously grateful for the support. It makes City Barbs feel like a community, and to me this likewise indicates we’re on the right track.

Thank you.