The Campaign Dirty Tricks are Actually Clueless

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Our city is suffering, and at least one of the mayoral campaigns is distracting us from beating incumbents to fix it. This could have dire consequences for turnout in a campaign season that, like this one, has not generated a whole lot of excitement.

I get it. It can be difficult to face, much less articulate, the nasty truth of the matter, which is that on a good day city hall is dysfunctional, and on a bad one it’s a sociopathic looting machine.

But everyone should still try, and on that count let’s put this baby to bed.

I believe I’ve figured out who is behind the signs and possibly the flyers as well, and if I’m right, the culprit is no one on the Embrey or Haji-Sheikh campaigns.

While examining these items, I flashed back to incidents involving campaign sign shenanigans, disrespect toward women, etc. Each involved the same prominent person. And darned if I didn’t reach the seminal event. It was about 10 years ago, when the prominent someone pulled me aside to tell me that my public opposition to some city policy or other was “unattractive.”

I think I must have laughed at the level of sexism required to believe that this was a persuasive argument. It registered as world-class cluelessness, and stuck in my head. Likewise, the signs and flyers being put out now are pushing the “dumb broad” stereotype that assumes a woman can’t be the author of her own ideas.

He wants the Haji-Sheikh and Embrey campaigns to fight and to be distrusted. Most of all, though, he wants to put Misty in her place, y’all.

Bottom line is that there really is nothing to see here. It’s just Mr. Clueless playing the same old game.