Mail from Senator Burzynski

Well, what do you know. I cannot remember the last time our State Senator here in District 35 sent me anything, and now I have a “Legislative Survey” from him in hand. You too? Maybe Sen. Burzynski is taking Ryan Gailey, his opponent in the next election, seriously. I like the thought. Nothing personal, just that I prefer my would-be representatives to compete for my vote.

Enviro Scorecard

The Illinois Environmental Council (IEC) annually selects state legislation with environmental implications and publishes an Environmental Scorecard based on legislators’ votes. In 2007, Rep. Bob Pritchard voted on a total of 10 pieces of environmental-type legislation and took the pro-environment side in 6 of them, giving him a score of 60%.

State Sen. Brad Burzynski faced seven such votes last year and scored 0%. Continue reading Enviro Scorecard

Education Finance Reform & District 70

I attended Candidates’ Night at Kishwaukee College last week. The 70th District* candidates were there along with DeKalb County Board candidates, county clerk and county treasurer, and two judges from the 16th Circuit. One of the more interesting parts was how little it can matter what party you belong to when it comes to countywide issues. No one party has a monopoly on conservation, farmland preservation, management of the growth of government, support for veterans or the jail referendum. At this level, a good (or bad) idea can just be itself.

For me, the meat served up that night came from Rep. Bob Pritchard and Chuck Sauer, the pharmacist/attorney who is after Pritchard’s seat in the 70th District. Continue reading Education Finance Reform & District 70

Bob Pritchard & Fundraising

State Rep. Bob Pritchard is the incumbent this fall and fair game for scrutiny. However, this is not really about him so much as it is about the general need for campaign finance reform in Illinois.

From a Daily Chronicle report on the defeated May 2004 IL House legislation to ban horse slaughter in the state:

Rep. Bob Pritchard, R-Hinckley, opposed the ban on horse slaughter and said it failed because fellow lawmakers realized it would be unconstitutional and a threat to the agricultural industry. He also said the ban would have had a negative effect on the DeKalb County economy. Cavel is slated to employ about 40 people.

“This is about jobs,” Pritchard said in a statement. “The defeat of this bill today is a victory for employment in our community, for broadening our local tax base and helping our school districts. It’s an economic shot in the arm.”

According to the the Illinois State Board of Elections, DeKalb’s horse slaughterhouse has also been an economic shot in the arm for Rep. Pritchard:

Cavel International Inc. 108 Harvestore
DeKalb, IL 60115 $500.00
12/22/2003 Individual Contribution
Citizens for Pritchard

Cavel International Inc. 108 Harvestore
DeKalb, IL 60115 $300.00
10/12/2004 Individual Contribution
Citizens for Pritchard

Cavel International Inc. 106 Havestore Drive
DeKalb, IL 60115 $1,000.00
6/25/2005 Individual Contribution
Citizens for Pritchard

In an earlier disclosure, I find that attorney Brett Brown contributed $350.00 to Pritchard’s PAC. Brown has represented Cavel.

I won’t be snide. I’m gonna say right out that I would better have trusted the motivation for Pritchard’s vote if his PAC hadn’t accepted money from Cavel and company.

Another thing that bothers me is when candidates get a lot of money from outside their constituencies. Continue reading Bob Pritchard & Fundraising