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Two popular recent posts, “DeKalb’s Pension Funding Progress” and “Updated Year-Over-Year Revenue Tracking” have been pulled from the lineup because they’ve been messing up a blog feed. Once I figure out the problem and fix it, I’ll republish them.

Comparison of Budgeted vs. Actual General Fund Revenues

I am playing with a new (for me) chart plug-in. (Thanks Mac.)

[easychart type=”line” width=”420″ title=”City of DeKalb Projected vs. Actual GF Revenues” groupnames=”Budgeted Revenues, Actual Revenues” valuenames=”2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011″ group1values=”27393755, 28720371, 30001151, 29663013, 28587803″ group2values=”26629206, 28489576, 28983224, 28434217, 29955121″ minaxis=”25000000″]

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Site News: We’re Six

Oops, I missed City Barbs’ anniversary! We turned six on November 6.

Though it’s usually my name on the byline, this is more a community blog than most ever realize. Thanks to those who have mentored, visited, contributed articles, commented, phoned with tips and e-mailed suggestions.

Thanks also to site founder Joe and to my husband, who gave me a nudge at the right moment.

And to Mac McIntyre, who always has advice when I ask for it (and sometimes when I don’t).

This is post number 905.

The Holly House

Citybarbs is pleased to add to our blogroll another local voice, The Holly House, a blog devoted to “green living on a blue collar budget.”

The blog owner, a 4th Warder like me, has begun developing a proposal for amending DeKalb’s municipal code to allow residents to raise a few hens for eggs, as well chronicling her efforts to gain support for the proposal both inside and outside city government. It should be interesting to keep track of her experiences and progress.

The City of Batavia put its Community Development Committee onto the issue around this time last year. Batavia ultimately approved a backyard chicken ordinance in May, joining Naperville and St. Charles in allowing chickens on certain residential properties.

New Category: Local Voices

Here’s a little meta to accompany morning coffee. I’ve separated out the “Blogroll” category so that statewide or national watchdogs and policy wonks now reside under the “good government” heading and the truly local sites and blogs under “Local Voices.” Today I welcome Dan Kenney’s issues blog, Prairie Voice. Let me know in comments if a local gem has escaped my notice!

Registration Change

We’re getting a lot of junk registrations lately so I’ve changed the settings for the time being, eliminating the “anyone can register” option. If you are not a current subscriber to CB but would like to be able to leave comments, please e-mail me at To register you I’ll need your real name, your user name if different from your real name, and a valid e-mail address. Sorry for any inconvenience.