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Gonzo and Wogen Watch are dropped for the time being as there has been no activity at either for awhile, but will be glad to re-add them to the blogroll when/if they crank up again. Meanwhile, be sure to check out Big DeKalb, a new site for local music and culture. If you know of any other up-and-coming family-friendly local sites, let me know.

An updated version of WordPress is in order for CityBarbs–we could really use a “recent comments” section in the sidebar, couldn’t we?–but will wait until after the budget hearings as it must be assumed I will mess up the installation.

Speaking of the budget as we so often do has more than tripled the traffic to CityBarbs in the past few weeks, which causes no end of thrills. Thanks everyone!

Foster on the Job

Bill Foster won the Special General on Saturday, got sworn in on Tuesday and later that same day broke what otherwise would have been a tie on an important ethics legislation vote:

The bill, pushed aggressively by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), creates an independent, outside panel to investigate ethics complaints against House members. The House approved it last night, 229-182, with most Democrats in favor and most Republicans opposed. That margin is deceptive: Before final passage, the bill first had to clear a much closer procedural vote, which gave House members a chance to kill the idea without, technically, voting against it.

The bill survived that test by a single vote, with Foster voting in favor.

Independent, outside investigations of naughty House members? Be still my heart.

New category starting today: IL-14. Because now that we’ve put him in office we have to see that he continues to meet our very high expectations.

p.s. How did ethics become a partisan issue?

Council Watch

When I first began attending city meetings, one of the things that struck me most was the “tip of the iceberg” quality of the media coverage. Daily Chronicle reporting of the June 11 regular City Council meeting, for example, was concerned with only one agenda item, that of improving the facades of downtown buildings. There was nothing in the article regarding Alderman Donna Gorski’s expression of disappointment with the quality of the materials provided by the Park 88 people in the matter of the Orr Farm annexation, nor mentioned was her suggestion to extend the public hearing on the annexation through the next meeting (which the council did) when it became apparent that too many people were taken by surprise.

Something else you’ve missed, if you only read the newspaper, is that the heat on Alderman “Slick Vic” Wogen has not let up. At least one person, and as many as three, have aired their disgust and distrust of Wogen at every council meeting since he was installed in office last month.

My distrust lies just as much with the city clerk’s office and a few city employees at this point. This is partly a repercussion from the smear mailer, as it is now apparent that the city clerk does not mind violating privacy rules when it will put her friends in office; it also has to do with a scene I witnessed at the May 14 regular council meeting. Continue reading Council Watch