DeKalb’s Population Illusions

**Update: DHS enrollment projections for next year have been corrected from 17,000 to 1,700 and I appreciate receiving the email heads up.** Possibly the worst argument in support of the land swap deal between District 428 and Shodeen is this: The land near [DeKalb High School] offers more promise for the district than Kiwanis Park. … Continue reading DeKalb’s Population Illusions

New High School Going Short on Custodians

So begins systemic neglect at the new high school — my interpretation of an article in the Daily Chronicle today: The all-day kindergarten would also be paid for by not filling four custodial staff positions at the new high school until the district has more revenue. In 2008, the Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) voted to … Continue reading New High School Going Short on Custodians

School District’s Referendum Costs May Approach $200 Million

[Written by Jim Schneider, who did hear the proceedings. Edited & posted by yinn. Go to Mac’s place for more, including the docs holding the numbers Jim is using.] The $110 million ref was a lot more than advertised. Since this ref is being financed, the interest cost will cause the total costs to be … Continue reading School District’s Referendum Costs May Approach $200 Million

District 428 & the Grassroots: Yeah, Right: Part 1

So last month I e-mailed the members of the District 428 school board a link to the great precast discussion (vs. bricks-and-mortar construction on the new high school and Cortland elementary school) we were having here at CityBarbs, in view of the debate we were so sure would occur soon at a Facilities Planning Committee … Continue reading District 428 & the Grassroots: Yeah, Right: Part 1

Playing Games with Excellence

Lincoln Elementary is recognized by the state as an Academic Excellence School. It also has a first-rate library. Coincidence? Of course not. Yet, despite the principal’s protestations that parents were over-reacting to their “brainstorming” session last month, the school’s Building Leadership Team (BLT) will be bringing a proposal to the Administrative Team to move the … Continue reading Playing Games with Excellence

Enviro Woman & Building Schools

The intention is to begin attending DeKalb School District 428’s Facilities Planning Committee (FPC) meetings despite harboring doubts that a non-construction type could contribute much to the discussion. But now the thought occurs: Send Enviro Woman! She’ll know what to say! Such as, “LEED, or get out of the way!” Take the case of the … Continue reading Enviro Woman & Building Schools