Council Watch, 6/9/08

A last-minute change to the regular City Council Meeting agenda, prompted by the city manager, put the waste-collection fee ordinance ahead of considerations for utility tax, rate and fee hikes. At that point, Public Works Director Rick Monas pulled a rabbit out of his hat. Turns out the Refuse Fund has about $485,000 that they’ve been saving up for a couple pieces of equipment but don’t need them after all, so City Council could decide to put the windfall where needed elsewhere.

I found the Refuse Fund in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs, pronounced Kay-fers). In the CAFR for end of FY 2007 (June 30), the “rabbit” was $373,083. That would have been nice to know 6 months ago, when it was probably about $400,000, instead of their yelling “Budget Crisis–layoffs–layoffs–layoffs!” I mean, doesn’t it make you wonder how many more “rabbits” are in there? Continue reading Council Watch, 6/9/08