Rockefeller picks up ball, goes home


We knew something was up at last week’s City Council meeting because one of Mr. Keating’s people got dissed by the Rockefeller lawyer. That’s right, Mr. Keating’s realtor told the Council that legally re-routing traffic around the downtown area–even though it’s a state route going through, therefore by law a truck route–would be no problem-o because Elmhurst has done it. Then the attorney got up and said that not every town had friends like Pate Phillips and [I can’t remember the other Illinois big fish he named]. So we thought maybe Rockefeller was getting ready to dump Keating, but we did not guess that Rockefeller would totally pull out of the project as they did this past Monday afternoon.

The Chronicle has published three letters of comment about it in the past couple days. You can see them here, here and here.