Frustrated at the lack of a public forum for discussing growth issues in DeKalb, Joe Croft started City Barbs in 2005 in the midst of a fight against putting the worst possible version of a mega-warehouse (6 million square feet, 22 curb cuts, AKA “Godzilla”) across from a residential area.

The developer left town, but in the wake of the process were born behind-the-scenes Internet Research Commandos, a new group of city-watchers and this blog. Joe eventually had to leave town, too, so he left City Barbs to Lynn Fazekas, who has served as administrator and editor ever since.

The blog has evolved into a publication for analysis of local issues, watchdog activities, and alternative views to government narratives.

City Barbs itself is a twist on DeKalb’s nickname, “The Barb City,” so dubbed because barbed wire was invented in DeKalb.

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