Wogen Insults Us


< rant on >

Victor Wogen’s interview on WLBK insulted our intelligence and was chauvinistic to boot. First he says he delayed setting the record “straight” (as if that really happened this morning) to allow us hysterical petition-driving womenfolk to “calm down a little.” He still doesn’t admit that he knew exactly what was in the smear mailer. “The wife” has been stressed out but things will be peachy from now on. He thinks we should put our energies into fixing up Steve Kapitan’s house instead of crow-barring his butt out of that aldermanic seat. He will not resign, no matter the noise in support of it, unless he dies or is incarcerated.

I need a shower.

See, what he doesn’t get is that he will now always be associated with lying. He could be an actual, suffering, misunderstood SAINT but people like me who can’t stand being lied to will always perceive slime. He will be the most ineffective alderman ever. That is a crying shame for the Third Ward and for the city. He doesn’t get that he should resign for the good of the city.

Most of all, he doesn’t get that his interview made listeners like me committed to redoubling efforts to unseat him.

< rant off >