Wogen on the Radio Again


Go here to listen to Victor Wogen continue to craft his post office tale in an interview originally airing Monday. I also hear he’s calling the Third Ward petition organizers his “partners.” Bleagh.

Good news. The Third Warders have found a way to enter the petition into the City record. It’s as simple as participating in the public comment section of the City Council meeting. In fact, anyone who has written a letter to the editor or just still has an issue with Mr. Wogen’s installment on the City Council is urged to write out a couple of sentences about it to recite at a Council meeting in coming weeks. City Hall documentation will show that we aren’t willing to put up with dishonesty in local government. This ain’t dead yet.

Also, if you live in the city and somehow missed signing the petition, the online version is still up at Citizens for Wogen Resignation.

Lastly, if anyone tried to recruit you to run against Steve Kapitan in the Third, I’d like to talk to you. Especially if the circumstances seemed weird. Please e-mail me at yinn422@yahoo.com.