Wogen Watch Gets Results


Third Ward Alderman Victor Wogen came out both on the air and in print today to clear up a few things. The timing was no accident. Wogen had met with and made promises to a regular poster over at the Wogen Watch blog and, indeed, beat an October 5 deadline to follow through on them after they were posted.

I’m not going to go into the content of his message too much, but am glad he declared unambiguously that he is not anti-gay. Some people need to hear this from voices of authoritah at all levels.

Beyond that you must color me unmoved. Wogen asserts, for example, that he does not have any customers for architectural precast “within miles of here” but that is not the same as saying that his employer will not be involved in any downtown facade projects. What will count are his abstentions from any votes that involve his company when and if they come up at Council.

And on that note, let’s hoist a humpday toast to the health of the owner(s) of Wogen Watch.