District 428 & the Grassroots: Yeah, Right: Part 2


This is an “I told you so” diary. I wasn’t going to do it but am upset enough about the latest on the Facilities Planning Committee that it just seems fair at this point.

January 5th I wrote about the overlap between ReNew Our Schools and the Chamber of Commerce. It just seemed like ReNew was a Chamber project, not grassroots as advertised. The impression was reinforced a few days later.

The instincts were good, as we can see now that some of the ReNew Our Schools financial records are online.

So far as records are available at the Illinois State Board of Elections, unitemized (small) donations totalled $1225. If the typical small donation was about $20, the total represents about 60 donors. Could have been $10 or $50; who knows?

Itemized donations for ReNew our schools, according to ISBOE electronic records available as of today, total $23,739 spread out over a dozen donors.

Grassroots? I think not.