Airport Business Plan


A fellow citywatcher told me I should ask for a copy of the DeKalb-Taylor Municipal Airport (DTMA) Business Plan. So I did. He must be laughing right now, knowing (I am sure) that there isn’t one.

That’s right, the $350,000 per year black hole has no plan to change.

What they do have is a mission statement and an action plan. Here they are in full.


Mission Statement

DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport’s (DTMA) mission is to provide the safest, highest quality general aviation airport and facilities for airport customers, citizens and visitors and operate as a vital part of the local, state, national and global economy in conjunction with the nationwide multi-modal transportation network; and recognizing that DTMA serves as a gateway to the city and the northern Illinois region.

Action Plan

▪ Develop and operate DTMA consistent with its role as a corporate and general aviation airport.

▪ Develop and administer the airport efficiently and in compliance with all applicable local, state and federal law; procedures and policies.

▪ Maintain and develop the airport in an environmentally sound manner.

▪ Protect and enhance DTMA’s unique setting, inclusive of its surrounding communities.

▪ Promote DTMA to facilitate economic development in partnership with the commercial and industrial businesses supporting the airport.

Goal 1: Operate a safe, secure and reliable airport.


1.1. Maintain and upgrade navigational aids, meteorological equipment and security measures.

1.2. Protect the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) mandated safety areas, runway protection zones, and other clear areas, per FAA regulations.

1.3. Comply with Transportation Security Administration operational requirements to improve homeland security.

1.4. Provide a facility that can operate in all weather conditions safely.

1.5. Comply with applicable terminal, parking and support facility safety standards.

1.6. Comply with applicable State of Illinois and local regulations.

1.7. Abide by the Minimum Standards adopted by the City Council for DTMA.

Goal 2: Develop the airport in harmony with the local and regional economic and community goals and plans always being cognizant of the type of operations and growth depicted and adopted on the Airport Layout Plan.


2.1 Allow for opportunities for the development of all levels of general aviation as well as other business on and around the airport in accordance with airport Minimum Standards and the Airport Layout Plan.

2.2 Achieve a level of service and convenience such that the airport is a positive factor in regional development decisions.

2.3 Identify and consider all financial alternatives and funding sources available to implement the recommended plans for both aviation and non-aviation projects, airport operation and maintenance, environmental consideration and noise mitigation.

2.4 Establish an effective Airport Layout Plan that is integrated with the existing transportation infrastructure to support economic development consistent with local and regional plans, while maintaining the highest standards recognizing the airport as a gateway to our city and the neighboring communities.

Goal 3: Develop the airport and airport vicinity to minimize negative environmental impacts, and consider environmental feasibility and compatibility during plan development.


3.1 Monitor local concerns regarding noise mitigation.

3.2 Consult with professional environmental experts familiar with local, regional and federal regulations with respect to airport development and operations to the most reasonable extent possible. Work diligently to implement recommendations.

Goal 4: Promote the development of compatible land uses in the immediate vicinity of the airport.


4.1 Work with surrounding communities to develop local zoning regulations that recognize the airport’s role as a corporate and general aviation facility and promote compatible land use development in the airport area, while protecting the neighboring landowner rights.

4.2 Promote economic development in the vicinity of the airport consistent with appropriate land use planning and development objectives.

4.3 Communicate the goals and objectives of the Airport Layout Plan and subsequent capital improvement programs to neighboring government jurisdictions and property owners.

4.4 Acquire adjacent properties for future airport development or buffer zones.

Goal 5: Provide for open communications and public relations on all aspects of airport planning.


5.1 Establish and maintain effective working relationships between the airport sponsor and other local governments, county, state, FAA and other airport stakeholders.

5.2 Encourage and utilize input from all stakeholders in developing plans for the airport.

5.3 Maintain and support the Airport Advisory Board as appointed by the City Council to collect public input and serve as an advisory body on airport matters

As far as I can tell, everyone involved with DTMA is following the mission and action plan with a vengeance. Just think what they could do if part of the mission were to make money.