Discussion: Acting Mayor


WEEKS AGO I heard that 4th Ward Alderman Donna Gorski was considered a front-runner for acting mayor to fill out Mayor Van Buer’s term.

Rumors being nearly as essential to the average informed DeKalbite as air, this was just something to file away mentally. It didn’t seem reasonable. Ald. Povlsen is not only the senior member of Council, he shows a bit of aptitude in leadership including consideration of his constituency and the courage to buck staff from time to time.

As of today, however, I have heard from no fewer than 4 people (whom I have no reason to believe to be talking together) that Ald. Gorski is the consensus pick—if by “consensus” one means that staff would love to see the deferential Donna in place and most of Council could be expected to go along with it. Such is the nature of my own personal brand of denial that it took awhile to see this “non-reasonable” possibility, as I would find the fact of it—if fact it is—to be breathtakingly cynical.

But it is still not clear to me that the majority of council members would fall into step with such a plan if it exists. We have seen significant acts of independence and a couple surprises lately, possible indicators of aldermanic awareness that the interests of city administrators and those of other residents have parted ways and that they are making a choice for one side or another on many a vote.

In short, IMO there’s no done deal, and next Monday’s meeting is not to be missed.