A Shout Out for Transparency


Perhaps as soon as next month, College of DuPage will begin posting employees’ salaries:

Depending on whom you ask, that is either the epitome of open government or the end of privacy and safety.

“This does not make us transparent,” COD Trustee Kathy Wessel said, adding the proposal was “vindictive” and served no “practical purpose.”

On the other end of the spectrum at Monday night’s board of trustees meeting was the newest member, Kory Atkinson, who advocated posting all salaries.

“As a recipient of public funds, there is a certain amount of compromise for privacy,” Atkinson said.

The issue arose when Elmhurst resident Adam Andrzejewski asked the board to release all employees’ salaries on behalf of the organization he formed, ForTheGoodOfIllinois. Org. He said it’s his mission to push for greater transparency by public agencies.

Salaries, he said, are about 70 percent of COD’s budget, which is why taxpayers have a right to see them.

We’ve written about FortheGoodofIllinois.org and Mr. Andrzejewski before (here and here). He’s one who’s had great things to say about the City of DeKalb’s publishing its check register.

Again, here’s the link to the Daily Herald story in case you want to join me in leaving a comment there.