Why is everyone worried about raising waxes?


You know, it’s like my dad always said, “Rose,” he’d say, “it’s always something.” But I ask, why do we care if the city raises waxes? I mean it isn’t like the floors aren’t getting cleaned. Shouldn’t the wax actually be lowered, it’s a protection against the grime of the city footwear isn’t it? Without the waxes wouldn’t the council, and city employees just scuff up the floor more – heel marks, deep seated grooves from the heavily cushioned chairs they sit in. It’s really hard to get the grooves and gouges cleaned out if the same people just keep doing the same things. After a while the gouges are so deep that no amount of buffing is gonna clean them, so we’d just have to pull all that flooring up and throw it out, and wouldn’t that cost a lot of money? Of course we couldn’t ask those city employees to quit taking raises to pay for the new flooring, that should be the property owners’ job. While we’re at it, shouldn’t the cheapo taxpayers also fork over some bucks to update the city TV channel to get more than just that new comedy show – you know the one, it comes on every few Mondays. I think it’s called “The DeKalb Cow”. Why would we need a show about a bunch of cows? Maybe horses like Mr. Ed – now that was a show, a horse moving its lips and having someone unseen actually filling in the dialogue – course, “The DeKalb Cow” is sort of like that too……what’s that? The topic is “People are worried about raising Taxes”. Oops, nevermind.