Barb City Tea Company Update

Petition circulators, signers and donations are needed.

You do not have to believe that Home Rule should be repealed to sign the petition, or to help circulate it. Obviously, you must agree that citizens have the right and should have the ability to decide the issue with authority.

If you agree we need your help. The Barb City Tea Company was formed at a grassroots level to get the Home Rule question on the April 09 ballot. It will remain a grassroots organization. We are looking for volunteers, who are registered voters in the City of DeKalb, to help circulate the petition.

We ask each volunteer for 50 signatures.

The Tea Company faithfully holds meetings every Tuesday at noon at 248 Palmer Court. Bring your lunch if you like.

Please note that the Tea Company limits each contributor to $150 in donation(s) to ensure its continued grassrootiness.