Rental Housing Nuisance Act

From a comment made yesterday:

I had a nightmare that the rental inspection fee made a come back in the summer of 2009, after most of the NIU students left.

I don’t know what the city might be cooking up, but a new rental inspection law, HB3857, is making its way through the Illinois General Assembly.

The Illinois Rental Property Owners Association sees this bill–most recently sent to the House Rules Committee–as an attempt to place the entire burden for problem tenants on the landlords. Last month, IRPOA offered an amendment that would

limit the powers of the police, involve the tenant who is causing the problem in mediation and change the eviction law to better handle situations where tenant behavior requires eviction to happen faster. We believe that landlords, tenants, and government need to be held equally accountable to meet their obligations.

However, the amendment was not adopted before referral to Rules Committee, which means IRPOA must now work to defeat the bill instead.

While I understand it should be taken into account that a professional association will and shall fight tooth-and-nail for its investment interests, it should equally be taken into account when a group’s input has been completely excluded from a piece of legislation, as was true with DeKalb’s Rental Inspection Program and apparently with this one as well.