Cortland’s Waste Treatment Lagoons are Near Full

I raised my concerns last year about Cortland’s ability to povide sanitary service to the new school. Here’s an update from attending DeKalb Sanitary Board Meetings.

Cortland’s sewage treatment lagoons are nearly topping over. They haven’t been able to spray irrigate yet because of wet conditions. You might be able to see it on google earth satellite. They don’t have enough irrigation acres. They are seeking a new agreement with DeK San to have them treat 62% of their wastewater from the existing Pine St. lift station.

With more rain in June they are getting desperate. They can only irrigate when the water table is at least 4 ft down & not when the ground is frozen. They tried to discharge into a drainage ditch but the IEPA refered them to DSD. No agreement has been signed.

From DSD Minutes of May meeting: “Mike Zima explained the visit he had from representatives of the Town of Cortland asking that the DeKalb Sanitary District accept sewage from only the Pine Street Lift Station. They say that heavy rains and high ground water tables have prohibited their ground application of sewage effluent and their storage capacity has nearly been reached. After discussion, the Board expressed its concern for the citizens of Cortland and the environmental impact of a sewage spill there. Keith Foster said the old agreement between the two communities was rescinded by the Town of Cortland’s forming their own Facilities Planning Area and their cessation of wastewater discharge to the DeKalb Sanitary District on August 28, 2007. The Board regretted that the inaction of Cortland representatives has resulted in no new agreement having been signed by the two communities yet despite the District’s continued attempts to get it done. A new agreement will have to be reached before the District can begin to accept Cortland’s flow. Since no representatives from the Town of Cortland came to the meeting today despite having been invited to do so, the Board instructed Keith Foster to contact their Attorney and urge them to cooperate with formalizing the new agreement quickly.”