Lawlessness Letter


Sent this in last week and was told Monday it would be published in the Chronicle “in a couple days.”

DeKalb City Council passed a resolution June 22 authorizing the city manager to reduce the number of firefighters for Fiscal Year 2010 as a means to present a balanced budget to the community. Let me make it clear that I am no fan of the firefighter layoff option. However, a resolution is a directed plan of action, and the FY2010 budget ordinance—approved on the same day—depends on this plan of action.

Yet following a 45-minute closed session during a special meeting on June 29, Mayor Povlsen suddenly announced that the city was still in negotiation with the firefighters’ union. In short order, Council violated its own Resolution 09-41, (budget) Ordinance 09-34, and the Open Meetings Act, which prohibits decisions being made in closed session.

City government is becoming a law unto itself.

Lynn A. Fazekas

I hope the folks at the paper didn’t change their minds, because this is “Exhibit A” in making a case that I don’t HAVE to struggle with the word limit every time [wink]. It’s about 135. FYI I left out another violation of the Open Meetings Act, which was the failure to publish the firefighter negotiations as an agenda item.