2008 Timeline for Wogen & Masonry Works, LLC


January 2008: Third Ward alderman Victor Wogen files with the Illinois Secretary of State to do business as Masonry Works, LLC. He votes to approve the purchase of the building at 231 E. Lincoln.

March 2008: Wogen votes to request a permit to facilitate demolition preparations at 231 E. Lincoln.

July 2008: Masonry Works receives payment of $31,500 for two invoices submitted for jobs at the 231 E. Lincoln demolition site. The jobs are listed in the check register as 229 and 235 E. Lincoln and the invoices are numbered 3 and 4.

August 2008: Wogen votes to authorize the purchase of 345 E. Lincoln and demolition is discussed. Masonry Works receives two payments for work at First and Locust totaling $3380 and the invoices are numbered 1 and 9.

September 2008: Wogen votes to approve waiving the bidding process in awarding the demolition of 345 E. Lincoln. He abstains on the vote for a streetscape improvement project for which Masonry Works, LLC, is seeking a role as subcontractor.

November 2008: Illinois Department of Labor notifies Victor Wogen that an investigation found two employees on the Coleman Elementary School job were not paid prevailing wage by Masonry Works. Wogen is ordered to redress the underpayment of $2805 and to pay a fine equal to 20% of the underpayment.

December 2008: Masonry Works receives payments totaling $18,000 for a third job at 231 E. Lincoln and facade work at 345 E. Lincoln. The invoices are numbered 2 and 3a.

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