Rally for a Better City Government

We demand:

    Commitments to the highest standards of ethical conduct at all departments and levels of city government. This includes: full adherence to state ethics statutes, with full and repeated public disclosures of financial interests by elected officials, city employees, family members of city employees, former city employees, and board and commission members; ethics ordinance(s) including clear penalties for breaches of ethical conduct; and ethics training.
    The immediate termination of all staff involved in the Victor Wogen/Masonry Works employment arrangement with the city.

    Spending priorities that reflect the values of the community. No more land acquisition, concrete fountains or new city logos until social services funding is restored, police station space requirements are met, and public safety departments are fully staffed.
    Reform of the so-called “quote” and competitive bidding processes to eliminate insider advantages and under-the-radar projects.
    Full monthly reports at city council meetings of the city manager’s discretionary expenditures and disposals of city property.
    Restoration of online records that were eliminated during the new city website upgrade, as well as expansion of the types of information posted online; for example, compensation expenditures, board and commission information (members, agendas, mission/function, etc.) and legal/public notices.
    To be consulted via referendum about tax hikes.