All Wet

Rockford Park District & reality: Spending cuts of $1.4 million are planned for the 2010 budget year, including administrative wage freezes and changes to health insurance that would total $955,000 in savings.

DeKalb Park District & reality:

[PDF p. 1] Hopkins Aquatic Center Season Evaluation Report

Director Capek asked if the Board had any questions regarding the Hopkins Pool end of season report.

President Volk asked about the projected loss for the year. Director Capek replied that the anticipated loss was approximately $30,000.*

[PDF p. 1] Ellwood House Capital Budget Request

[Ellwood House Director Jerry] Brauer stated that he would like to request TIF funds for a multitude of projects.

Director Capek commented that the TIF funds available to the District** have been ear marked [sic] for other capital improvements.

[PDF p. 2] End of Year Employee Gift

Director Capek advised the Board that they may wish to refrain from extending the employee bonuses this fiscal year due to budget concerns.

Commissioner Teboda stated that he was in favor of granting a $100 bonus to full-time and IMRF employees because of the hard work staff does.

President Volk stated that he was also in favor of the bonuses because the amount was very modest and helped morale.

Commissioner Hanson stated that as a government employee she was not sure if bonuses should be approved during a time of budget concerns.

Commissioner Young felt that taking bonuses away may be negative for morale.

Commissioner Teboda further stated that a small bonus during difficult financial times could help staff and boost morale during these difficult times.

The consensus was to give a $100 gift to full-time and IMRF employees.

[PDF p. 6] Staff Report

Asst. Director Garrison reported that Todd Bex was hired as the new Asst. Projects Manager and would be reporting for his first day of work on Monday, November 16.

*The FY 2009 projected fee revenues from the Aquatic Program were $29,000 [PDF p. 3].

**The TIF Reimbursement projected for FY 2009 was $150,000 [PDF p. 11].