Hopkins Pool Referendum Group

According to the Daily Chronicle, Jeff Main is chair and treasurer of the Hopkins Pool Referendum Committee. The political action committee’s website is at hopkinspool.org. It also lists itself as a non-profit group on Facebook.

Neither the website nor the Facebook group contains names of any of its officers or members, nor contact information for prospective volunteers. The group does have some really nice yard signs so perhaps it will reach the threshold for filing with the Illinois State Board of Elections — though once again, as with the ReNew Our Schools group, we will not be able to obtain financial information until well past the election.

I don’t know about you, but until proven otherwise I’m going to assume the Hopkins Pool PAC is an astroturf group just as ReNew Our Schools was.

Meanwhile, since we already have determined we can’t afford $15 million for a new Aquatic Center, let’s come up with names for a Facebook group for those of us voting “no.” If you’ll place your nominees in the comments, we’ll do a poll to select the winning name later this week.