Davos, Switzerland: Awesome Pavement


I regularly work three jobs so once in a while, I can make it to professional conferences on my own money. I just returned from my second trip to Davos, Switzerland, home of the World Economic Forum. The conference I attended this year did not fall back-to-back with the WEF, but the one in 2008 did. Anyway, one night I walked back to my hotel and crossed a driveway into a parking garage. I could feel warm pavement under my boots. It was a heated driveway.

Davos is in the mountains and Europe’s highest city. The terrain for sidewalks, streets, and everything else can be very steep in places. The heated driveway to the parking garage was at a steep incline, maybe about a 35 to 40 degree angle. It seemed like it worked very well. There was not a drop of snow or ice on it and I could feel its warmth. I have to describe it because trying to take a picture of this thing at 11:00 p.m. would have been a waste of film.

DeKalb still needs to deal with a sidewalk in the middle of the buildings. After experiencing a heated driveway, I think Ald. Baker’s idea of a heated sidewalk should be revisited but with a functional design forgoing a roof, forgoing bricks, and forgoing other extras. I cannot imagine how cold the buildings are now that surround the empty space after the tear down. Perhaps adding a few degrees of warmth could be added with a heated sidewalk next door, especially compared to the bare space that is there now. The driveway in Davos was not fancy, just functional, but it was fabulous.

Davos is good enough for the likes of Bill Gates, Pres. Bill Clinton, Chancellor Merkel, PM Brown, PM Putin, and the A+ list of the A-list world leaders. If something is good enough for Davos, it should be good enough for DeKalb.