About Last Night…


First, I want to give a shout-out to Misty Haji-Sheikh, who presented the findings of apparently self-initiated research into the likelihood and implications of a rail transfer station on the south side if the landfill expansion is approved. She recommends council anticipate these developments and put ordinances in place to protect us pronto. Thank you!

I strongly encourage listening to the public comments section of last night’s council meeting for her presentation, if you haven’t already.

My own public comments were directed at the resolution to allow Mayor Povlsen to enter into a contract with Aerodrome Mechanics, Inc., a company out at the airport that was just incorporated April 28, 2010. Besides the lack of a track record and competition, is there anyone else bothered by the timing of this project? IMO it’s in the public interest to know whether or not Aerodrome is part of a golden parachute package for city employees who took the voluntary separation program. The response did not reassure.

I was also going to comment on the allocations for the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (CVB) and ReNew DeKalb, but couldn’t stay late enough to do so. Am I right, that Council approved the same allocation for 3 years for CVB? That kind of commitment is wrong during a time when they a) still have so much more to do to fix the structural deficit, and b) aren’t planning to go more than one year even for union contracts.

Additionally, I would have noted the inconsistency of CVB’s and ReNew DeKalb’s having goals to become less dependent on the city for funding, yet requesting the same amounts as last year. Reductions of 12-1/2% to each allocation sounds fair under the circumstances.

Did you attend or watch the whole meeting? What did you think of the whole Corn Fest spectacle? How did ward reports go?