The Library Fund


The DeKalb Public Library’s annual budget is part of the City of DeKalb’s budget and has to be approved by City Council.

In Fiscal Year 2008, which began July 1, 2007, a significant change was made in DPL’s budget that went unremarked. That year and each year since, the Library has not been projecting/budgeting all of its revenues. Here is what the change looks like:

[table id=5 /]

The revenue projections as far back as I looked — FY2004 — are all plugged in a la FY2007. The zeroing out of a half-dozen revenue categories began in FY2008 and continue through the latest approved budget.

The revenues left off budget are not insignificant. For example:

FY2009 Actual Revenues

  • Non-Resident Dues — $3285
  • Library Fines — $33,326
  • Investment Interest — $32,616
  • Library Sales — $8205
  • Donations — $44,878
  • Total $122,310

Could such a method to build reserves mean that plans have been in the works to purchase property for the dream library much earlier than anyone thought?

Meanwhile, DPL property tax revenues budgeted for FY2011 are up to $1,756,500.

FY2008 Budget (PDF p. 132)
FY2009 (PDF p. 138)
FY2011 Budget (PDF p. 174)

The following City of DeKalb – Library Fund pages cannot be found on the city’s website. Click on either one to view larger images.

Library Fund 2003-5

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