Meeting Notes

First, the Hope Haven expansion vote. The good folks at HH have been raked over the coals for two months and it’s finally over. Many thanks to Mayor Povlsen and Aldermen Simpson, Teresinski and Verbic for their “aye” votes. Hat tip to Alderman Naylor for alluding to the double standard used for HH and the other residential project on the front burner — oh, and if you want to argue it’s apples and oranges, fine, but let’s DO have the argument.

Fourth Ward alderman Brendon Gallagher gets the “Let Them Eat Cake”/juxtaposition fail award for mentioning his country club hobnobbing during the annexation hearing and then vigorously rejecting a proposal that would help people down on their luck in his own ward. As for Alderman Kammes of the 7th, it’s a funny dang time for her to start responding to e-mail, but, whatev.

Much as I am clearly a cheerleader for Hope Haven, that matter overshadowed some serious financial news. The first quarter report shows some stabilization of local tax revenues (and a couple successes in projections ) but there is the troubling reality of the state being behind on income tax payments totaling $788,000. The assistant city manager reported — and repeated — that the money has been “accrued.” This, I believe, refers to the modified accrual accounting method used by municipalities and the translation of “accrued” in this context pretty much is: “spent.” So what happens to the budget if the state doesn’t pay up? Is anybody going to say this can’t happen?