Sidewalk to Nowhere is Off-Limits, People!


Says ReNew DeKalb:

Crosswalks on Lincoln [sic]

The thermoplastic crosswalks on Lincoln Highway are not performing per the warranty. Unfortunately this is rather unsightly, but they will be replaced by the contractor in the spring at no additional cost to the City of DeKalb.

Sidewalk De-icing Salt

Business and building owners are strongly encouraged to avoid using any de-icing salt that contains calcium chloride on the downtown area as it will cause prolonged periods of efflorescence (white chalkly residue on bricks). You are instead encouraged to use de-icing salt containing magnesium chloride or anything agricultural based.

Pedestrian Pass Thru

As a reminder, the Pedestrian Pass Thru will be closed after major snowfalls until city crews have time to remove the snow.

Yeah, except it hasn’t been closed. There’s no sign and no barrier. It’s the scene of an accident waiting to happen, particularly after a major snowfall and during bad weather when folks are looking for a shortcut.

Sidewalk to Nowhere

[H/T G.M.]