Municipal Election Petition Hearings

[Update 1/7/2011: I think I’ve been too subtle about my position on the municipal petition challenges and have corrected this in the comments today.]

I was able to attend one of the election petition challenge hearings this morning, the one with Corey Kravitz as petitioner and First Ward Alderman Bertrand Simpson as respondent. Mr. Simpson was represented by an attorney.

The objections were that Mr. Simpson left off required information, such as the ward he is running for, and that the zip code was missing from one or more spaces where the petition called for it. The election board of mayor, city clerk and senior alderman denied the objections on the basis that, while the petitions are not perfect, they are substantially in compliance with election requirements and caused no confusion to the Ward 1 voters who signed it.

Since the remainder of the petition challenges are similarly based on clerical errors, I predict the same outcomes for all.