Naperville City Council Asks Its Public Library to Make Cuts


An alert longtime CB reader took the time to send a link to a Daily Herald story about Naperville’s public library today:

The library’s levy request of $12,450,000 for fiscal year 2012 was 3.15 percent, or $400,000 more than the previous year, but city council members asked the board to find and consider as much as $300,000 in additional abatements.
The library board is then set to present the proposal to the city council on Jan. 26. Staff will now work toward determining the specific line items in each budget to cut before the presentation.
Once the board makes its presentation to the city council, the council is expected to review the proposal before deciding how much of the library’s levy to abate in March.

Does this mean assertions that the DeKalb City Council cannot set the DeKalb Public Library’s levy are hogwash? Yeah, it probably does mean that.