Naylor Disputing City Paid for Ellwood House Ward Meeting

[Update: Please read the Big Fat Correction I’ve made to this story.]

Well, I just had an interesting phone conversation. It seems an online comment I made about Ron Naylor’s letter to the Daily Chronicle about his upcoming ward meeting at Ellwood House — specifically, that he should pay the room rental this time! — is being disputed by Mr. Naylor. Apparently he’s saying he paid it out of his own pocket.

I’ve written about this before. I had been upset last June to find a check written to Ellwood House Association for $100 with the following notation: “RM RNTL 5TH WARD 1/19/10 MTG.” The payment was made May 28, 2010, several months after Naylor’s ward meeting and for some unknown reason written from TIF Fund 63. That same month, the Ellwood rental for the council’s strategic planning retreat was written from the General Fund.

Find the payment in question in the June 28, 2010 agenda packet, check register page 50.

I suppose it’s possible Naylor reimbursed the city. If so, I’d like to take a peek at the date on his canceled check, to see if he did it after June 30 (the date of the original blog post).