ReNew Our Schools and Candidate Barnes

Below are listed the officers of ReNew Our Schools, the political action committee (PAC) set up to campaign for the $110 million District 428 construction referendum that passed in early 2008. One of the co-chairs of the PAC, Cohen Barnes, is currently running for a spot on the District 428 school board.

Renew Our Schools D1 page 2

In the comments section of an earlier, related post, District 428 & the Grassroots: Yeah, Right: Part 2, participants expressed dismay at ReNew Our Schools’ having accepted sizable donations from big firms that hoped to (and at least in one case, did) do business with the school district on the school construction projects resulting from the referendum.

To be clear: None of this is against the law. However, it’s equally clear that some folks believe acceptance of the above-described donations suggests questionable ethical judgment on the part of the ReNew Our Schools officers, and I believe such issues require a good airing before we vote to give a person power over our tax money.

I’ve stuck the itemized contributions to ReNew Our Schools into a handy table for you. Find the original reports filed with the State Board of Elections by initiating a committee search. Be sure to un-check the “Active Committees Only” box because the PAC filed its final report last year.

[table id=11 width=”400″ /]