From the “Chicago Tribune,” South Elgin Parents Raise Money for Stadium


“High school parents dig deep to give kids a home-field advantage
With district strapped for cash, South Elgin High’s booster club has raised $500,000 to begin work on athletic stadium”

Here is a great quote:

“Cheryl Latsonas said the district had never had enough money for its daily operations, and she doubted that it ever would. An on-campus stadium, she said, would have a value beyond the balance sheet.

“This will create a connection with the school and really build team spirit,” she said. “(Athletes) want to play for the school at the school.””

I cannot think of a better education lesson for all of the kids to show them the value of money, hard work, community organizing, and what it truly means to live in a democracy. Good luck to the parents at South Elgin High in raising enough money. Into the future, after the new stadium is finished, it would be interesting to compare it to other high school stadiums to see if folks in South Elgin keep it cleaner and less damaged than other stadiums. There should be a sense of ownership–the stadium will be theirs, more like their own homes.