City of DeKalb’s EAV Plunge, Part 2


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City & TIF Tax Information

Each “Decline” was calculated by subtracting Tax Year 2010 from the peak year shown. Usually the peak came in 2008, but not in all cases.

Should we really be budgeting new TIF projects for FY2012?


Tax Information: Property Tax Levies & Rates

Budgets from the City of DeKalb Downloads page

The 2010 tax info came from “DeKalb County Historical Listings by District, 2009-10” and are courtesy of the DeKalb County Clerk, John Acardo. I’d be glad to share the PDF upon request. Full tax information for Tax Year 2010 is still a work in progress but will be uploaded very soon to the DeKalb County and Clerk’s office web pages.