The Private Redistricting of DeKalb

The Chronicle reports today that the city has begun to redraw ward boundaries.

First of all, what’s the rush?

But City Manager Mark Biernacki said the council will try to get a new map approved before this October. That way, if any sitting council member finds he or she is outside of their ward’s new boundaries, there would be enough time to consider moving, satisfying the city’s rule that candidates must be residents of the ward they intend to run from for at least one year.

“You try to minimize the impact as much as possible,” Biernacki said.

I’m not sure that minimizing the impact for Mr. Biernacki and his fave aldermen is really the point — but even if there is a point, is it more important than taking some time to promote an open process with plenty of public input?


  • How can work on redistricting even be allowed before the census appeal is finished?

  • When did city council vote on a resolution to redistrict this way instead of, say, appointing an ad hoc committee like other municipalities do?

  • Where’s the map?