Feed’Em Soup Wins a New Toyota


DeKalb County’s Feed’Em Soup Community Project just won a new vehicle in the Toyota 100 Cars for Good program.

After announcing 500 non-profit finalists in April, Toyota has been in the process of giving away one car per day for 100 days.

The winners are selected by popular vote on Toyota USA’s Facebook page. Feed’Em Soup won in voting yesterday, and got official word today during the noon hour.

From Feed’Em Soup’s Facebook page:

Thank You to everyone who voted. Thank you to everyone who shared the link with their friends and families. Thank you to everyone who helped spread the word. Thank you to everyone for your support. Yesterday was inspiring. Thank you all for your help in bringing that Toyota vehicle to help the people of Dekalb County. Thank You.

Feed’Em Soup was one of 10 Illinois finalists that include Anderson Animal Shelter in South Elgin and Project HOPEFUL from Joliet, an educational organization that conducts workshops on adopting children with HIV.