City of DeKalb Claims Breakdown: Workers Comp


The following is a year-over-year look at City of DeKalb’s Workers Compensation liabilities along with total claims payables and Workers Comp Fund deficit information for comparisons’ sake.

[table id=25 /]

Claims Payable (in the table as “Total Claims Payable”) is a liability listed on net assets statements. DeKalb’s Claims Payable used to include health insurance, Workers Comp, and property/liability payables. In the middle of FY2008 (January 1, 2008) health insurance payables were removed from this category when the City of DeKalb stopped insuring itself and joined an employee health insurance cooperative.

Health claims incurred prior to the change typically totaled $3-4 million annually and the payable had reached $500,000+ by FY2007.

Property/liability payables, still part of “Claims Payable,” also show a growth trend, ranging from $0 in FY2003-4 up to $199,500 in FY2010.

Data comes from Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFRs) from the city’s Downloads page. “Not Avail.” means the data is not available online.