DeKalb Sick Leave Maximum Accumulations & Payouts


Continuing what I started yesterday:

[table id=39 /]

Things to know:

–A “working day” can range from 37.5 to 10 hours, depending on department and position.

–As a rule, only a certain percentage of sick leave can be carried over from year to year; typically 10% more per year until year 10, when 100% can be accumulated up to the above limits.

–Most city employees get these nice accumulations of sick leave AND wellness bonuses.

*FYI I have assembled the table using only the contracts I can find online. There have been adjustments via side letters and so forth over the past couple years; however, I believe they’ve had to do with postponing raises and other temporary concessions given in order to avoid layoffs, and nothing to do with paid leave. Also, as mentioned yesterday, the FOP contract posted online is not the latest agreement.