How Close I Came in Estimating the VSP Payout Breakdown

I recently asked a City of DeKalb employee in the Finance Division how accrued payroll was accounted for in the budget and was told it is reflected in regular payroll line items (e.g., 8101, 8102). I was in despair that there apparently wasn’t a “clean” number reflecting just the separation payouts. Then I accidentally discovered there is: it’s in General Fund Support.

There used to be a description of GF Support regular pay as “employee payouts on separation” but you have to go back to the FY2009 and earlier budgets to see it. More recent budgets bumped out the descriptions to make room for historical line item comparisons (which I love. Did the Financial Advisory Committee recommend that?).

Anyway, going back to the Voluntary Separation Program (VSP), for which you will remember I’ve been spectacularly incapable of prying information even with the Crowbar of FOIA, I calculated the FY2011 VSP payouts for sick leave, comp time, etc. at $820,000. How did I do?

[table id=43 /]

If the estimate holds true, I was less than $100,000 off the mark.